Hi, I'm Gordon

I like to create cool things using software and hardware. At the moment I'm shaping the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) projects at Asavie Technologies in Dublin, Ireland.

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I have more than a decade of enterprise Agile Software Engineering experience. Some of my key skills/interests are in Leadership, Architecture & Design, C# .Net, SQL Server and Agile (Scrum)


I have a deep fascination with building things, especially when I can combine hardware (electronics), software and 3D printing. Watch this space to follow my journey of discovery & experimentation.


Photography has been one of my long term passions. I particularly enjoy working with people, doing night landscapes and creating long exposure photos


CV / Résumé

Gordon Rudman CV Résumé


Automation of the Ford and Mazda Factory in South Africa

These are some representations of the pump types my software system was controlling in the factory. This is a one screen shot of the animated interface that the employees used to control and monitor the entire phosphate section of the plant. The pumps were a just small part of the full system I built.

Automation of the Ford and Mazda Factory in South Africa

More to follow as I get time




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